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Instantly transform your living space Artificial wall panels

Would you like a natural living wall but don't want the hassle of creating drainage and protecting the wall from damp, pruning and caring for the plants?

Fake plant walls, also known as living walls, are the perfect solution. With faux living walls, you can fully enjoy your indoor or outdoor living wall with virtually zero maintenance. Evergreen Artificial Lawns can supply and install artificial living walls across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire whether you want to create a unique feature wall in your home, garden or office.

Realistic look

Artificial plant wall panels are designed to be botanically correct and look natural.

Highly durable

Living wall panels are designed for use outside and inside and withstand any weather.

UV resistant

The plastic used to create plant panels contains UV blockers meaning they will stay green.


Artificial wall panels can be cut to any shape and size for a perfect fit.

Five star reviews you can trust Professional artificial grass company

Living wall panels Just like the real thing


Unique wall of natural looking evergreen foliage

Visually appealing

Transform an unsightly garden or hide your wheelie bins or create a feature wall for your event.

Low maintenance

Fake plant walls are easy to maintain, unlike the real thing. Keep it dust free using a damp cloth.

Design trends

Living walls are the top design trend, a popular decoration in residential and commercial premises.

Custom fit

Artificial green wall panels are made in various shapes, sizes and botanical styles to suit everyone.

Forget damp

Unlike the real natural living wall, with a fake one, you don't have to worry about damp walls.

Fast installation

Evergreen Artificial Lawns are your expert artificial living wall panels suppliers and installers across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Common questions

Indoor and outdoor living walls are becoming popular when designing feature walls in your home, garden or event.

The number of living wall panels depends on the size of the wall you would like us to create. Why not get in touch with us so we can measure your living wall area and then supply and expertly install natural looking artificial foliage walls in your home or office.

Although we provide the highest quality plant walls that are highly durable, please don't forget that outdoor artificial walls may be affected by rain and UV rays from the sun over long periods. If your living wall is not sheltered from outside elements, it will not last as long as sheltered or indoor living walls.

You can prolong your fake plant wall's life with a little TLC now and then. When you see a layer of dust on your artificial foliage wall, you can use brushes to dust off the panels. You can use a damp cloth to remove grime and dirt.

UV rays from the sun can cause fading over time. It's always a good idea to consider where you want to install your artificial living wall outdoors. If you keep it out of sunspots, your living wall will keep its colours.

The first step is to measure the area, so we have enough panels to create a stunning living wall feature. The panels use a simple snap and lock system.

We supply and install artificial living walls across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, and we can also install astroturf walls.