A smart solution for dog owners

Are you fed up with muddy paws on your carpets or sofa and urine stains on your grass? Fake grass for dogs is the ultimate solution for your garden, balcony, doggy daycare or dog kennel.

100% pet friendly

Fake grass is non-toxic and safe for pets. An artificial lawn doesn't require the use of fertilisers and other chemicals.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning up after your dog will be effortless; it's easy to pick up your dog's poo, and urine can be easily cleaned using a garden hose.


Artificial grass can last up to 15 years, and you don't have to worry about fixing digging disasters or urine stained grass.


Unlike natural grass, professionally installed dog friendly astroturf is porous and won't stain from pet urine and lingering odours.

Loved by dogs and humans

Does your lawn look like this? Muddy patches, holes, yellow stained grass and dry patches? It's about time you invest in a mess-free, durable and low maintenance dog friendly astroturf with 10 years guarantee.

Our professional artificial grass fitters in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire supply and install the correct type of fake grass for dogs to prevent odours. With a little TLC, every now and then, your fake grass for pets will be safe for them to pee and poo on.

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Pet friendly turf installed by experts

Fast drainage

Allowing wee and cleaning fluids to flow quickly away from the surface using sub-base.

Latex free

Using synthetic turf with a polyurethane backing that doesn’t absorb urine over time.

Minimising odours

Reducing a build-up of ammonia, nitrates and bacteria with odour reducing infills.

Edge restraint

Installing an edge restraint to secure the grass and prevent your dog from ripping or tearing it.

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Common questions

Are you thinking about hiring artificial grass installers in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire to install fake grass for your dog? There are plenty of benefits in dog friendly astroturf.

Yes, we use high quality artificial grass that's pet friendly. One of the added benefits of installing an artificial lawn in your garden is minimising the risk of your dog contracting various diseases and illnesses such as lungworm, which can be fatal to dogs.

To put it simply, all types of artificial grasses are suitable for dogs. The difference is your dog breed and how many dogs you have, and the size of the area. Don't worry; Evergreen Artificial Lawns can recommend the best type of fake grass for your dog.

All synthetic grass needs to be maintained, especially if you have dogs. Use a cleaner on your fake grass regularly to prolong its life and clean it.

If your dog loves digging holes above all else, you may be concerned. Our artificial lawn installers make sure the edges are secured so it won't be possible for your dog to tear, rip or lift the artificial grass.

Yes, pet friendly astroturf can be urinated on and used as a dog potty, but only if it's installed by a professional artificial grass company like us.

Yes, it's safe for any pet. We would be happy to install fake grass for your indoor cat.

Is your dog ruining your natural grass?

The solution couldn't be easier - get in touch so we can install pet friendly artificial grass in your garden across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Your family and dog can enjoy playing outside in any weather.

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