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Fine tune your golf play

Are you looking for a convenient way to practice and play golf consistently in the comfort of your garden or home? With professionally installed artificial putting greens, beginner and professional golfers can solely focus on improving their game rather than improving and maintaining natural putting greens. Premium quality putting green turf with a wrinkle-free surface with minimal wobbling.

Realistic surface

We are golfers and know which artificial turf is best for putting green. Our putting green installations provide a realistic ball roll and natural experience.

Custom designed

Every customer is different; that's why we custom design every putting green, including shape, size, number of golf holes and features so you can practice those uphill putts too.

Affordable solution

Artificial golf turf installed in your garden or home office is an affordable way to practice golf all year round without paying membership fees or driving to a golf course.

Full service

Whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor putting green, we can supply premium putting turf, design and expertly install it. Allowing effective drainage.

Residential putting green

Installation of putting green at home is fast becoming the norm. We supply and fit home putting greens designed to simulate natural golf surfaces. Residential putting green can be installed indoors or outdoor, making it easy for you to practice putting, chipping and short game drills. Golf artificial grass can be fitted to mimic natural slopes.

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Short and long range practice

Our skilled artificial grass installers can create a realistic feel surface where you can practice short or long range skills. You can even practice chipping and putting because we can install a fringe as part of the putting green installation. Large projects where you would like to practice distance skills can incorporate a driving mat.

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Miniature golf for the kids

Entertain the kids with miniature golf artificial putting surface installed indoors or outdoor to guarantee hours of fun.

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Indoor and outdoor putting greens

Indoor and outdoor putting and chipping green turfs provide year round family entertainment and practice opportunities with minimal maintenance. Your home can become the ideal place to improve your putting, chipping, and pitching in your home office, basement, or other indoor space.

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