Rhino Sports Outdoor Multi-Purpose Courts

When your kids are young, you have no way of knowing what sports and activities they will ultimately grow to love. Therefore, it makes sense to expose them to as many different games and sports as possible, so they can determine which sport(s) they enjoy the most. Rhino Sports multi-purpose courts are also great for parties and social gatherings, as there truly is a game for everyone to play.

Rhino Courts bring the best of sports into your own backyard. Offering a truly unique and versatile court surfacing system to create backyard basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball and more. The tiles are available in a variety of configurations and colours. This completely redesigned interlocking court surface tile system with a smooth forgiving surface and superior grip has been designed for exceptional performance, stability and traction through an advanced surface design.

Micro-Trac34 is a completely redesigned court surface, which takes a radical new approach to the outdoor court surface. This new design utilises a much smoother and more forgiving surface than most other products in its class while providing a superior grip for even the most demanding sports. This unique new product design was developed utilizing the years of experience and knowledge obtained through Rhino Sports’ unprecedented drive to become the best outdoor court product available in the industry today.

Precise Ball Response

No Dead Spots. No Bad Bounces. Engineered to produce consistent and precise ball response.

Real Performance

Replicates the feel and performance of traditional sport surfaces in a lightweight court system.


Built in low-impact suspension system provides reduced impact shock to joints and muscles.

Custom Configuration

  • Full Court Basketball Configuration
  • Multi-Sport Configuration
  • Half-Court Basketball Configuration
  • Tennis Court Configuration

Recommended for:

  • Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Indoor Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Multi-Use Sports Zones

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