Traditionally, artificial grass is installed on a stone and sand base. This is both time consuming and back breaking work, requiring specialist tools & skills beyond your average DIY enthusiast. It also represents up to 60% of the overall cost of the average professional installation.

Simple Solution

EPS panels provide a base structure designed to dramatically reduce the need for extensive site preparation, making it possible for anyone to install, thereby drastically reducing the cost of your new lawn. Whether you are a weekend do-it-yourselfer or a full time synthetic turf installer, EPS has changed the game.
Our step-by-step systematic approach to installations can make anyone an expert overnight.

Sports pitches with a traditional construction in concrete or asphalt have had their day. They are expensive and time-consuming to install, and have a considerable ecological impact.

The modular polymer panels guarantee excellent stability, unrivalled drainage capacity and outstanding playability. They were designed to perceptibly improve the safety and performance of sportspeople and other users. Thanks to its quick and easy installation with the easy-click system, both the economic and ecological impact are significantly reduced.

They form the perfect foundation for every application on artificial grass, hard-court or other paved surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use.